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Obon Festival

  • What is Obon ?

    It's Obon week in Japan when we commemorate the spirits of our ancestors.
  • This Tenugui Textile artwork was the prize in our June competition

    The artwork was WON by DANICA VEGA from Austria! Thank you all for taking part and successfully answering the question. Q: What Tenugui did Lindse...
  • nugoo and the art of specialist craft dyers

    Read an interview with Ohira-san, founder of Nugoo, about the future of craft dyers like Nugoo, with the World Textile Information Network.
  • Bloomin' Gorgeous - Sakura season in Japan

    The Sakura Season is in full bloomin' pink right now in Japan. If it's not on the trees, it's the merchandise in the stores! We'll walk you through an Instagram round up of what to see and where and when to see it.

    Photo credit: @ciaochieciao

  • What is Tenugui?

    Tenugui, is a piece of cotton cloth measuring about 34cm by 90 cm cut on both ends, dyed by hand. It originated in the Edo period as a cotton towel for ritual cleansing ceremonies soon becoming a fashionable practical hand towel at the bathhouses. In a mesmerising range of colours and designs, the colourful cotton cloths from nugoo embody the rich history of Japanese textile design.