Bloomin' Gorgeous - Sakura season in Japan

The cherry blossom viewing season has begun in Japan and it is one of the country’s favourite festivals with pink, pink, pink everywhere!

We're sharing the brilliant images of the season from these visitors to Japan. The image on the front of this post is by @ciaochieciao.  

Sakura Season

In Japan, the appearance of cherry blossoms, known as Sakura, signals the beginning of Spring.  The arrival of these flowers is an annual event so significant, that there is whole industry surrounding what, when, where and where exactly one can experience the viewing. The pink colour and floral image seems to adorn everything from decorated souvenirs, clothing, coffee cups and chocolates. Food and beverage brands release their Sakura edition coffees, drinks and snacks. Starbucks, a hugely popular chain in the major cities, seems to have transformed from the familiar green and brown to pink. 

As you can see from these IGrammers.

The Forecast

The Japan Meteorological Corporation release a specific Cherry Blossom forecast, which is not only important for you and I to plan our weekend viewing experience, but the travel, tourism and gift industry build their business on. Factors which determine the time the trees come in to bloom are the temperatures in Autumn and Winter, patterns in previous years in the same locations, and growth patterns of the tree.

There have been daily forecasts on television and newspapers for weeks explaining exactly when it will start, how it will progress with forecasts constantly revised. Unlike your average festival which is locked into a fixed date, or even a Moveable Feast which is Moon dependent, the variables are just that – quite variable. But since the Sakura only lasts a few weeks, it’s a short intense season with locations to view followed with keen interest. 

Thanks to we have the map below and full geo calendar listed here. 

When one witnesses the scene of the delicate palest pink blooms breaking through the winter chill, the prettiness of the flowers captivates in the way falling snowflakes do - perfect but fleeting.  

Locals like to find out the dates for both stages of this transition - the ‘kaika’ (coming in to bloom) and ‘mankai’ (in full bloom) to really enjoy their flower viewing (hanami).

Meeting under the Cherry Blossom

For Japanese people to acknowledge this passing moment,  which signifies the arrival of Spring and new growth, the main activity is for people to gather under the Cherry Blossom tree and experience the magic of the white and pink canopy. In suburban and regional areas this can mean groups of friends or families bringing their picnic rugs and Bento boxes for a picnic supper. In City areas, this often translates to work colleagues meeting in the tree lined parks and meeting for post-work drinks under the tree.

These are the key places for viewing in Tokyo 

Nugoo's Cherry Blossoms

At Nugoo to capture the beauty of the season we have a collection of designs which feature the flowers, and the hanami scenes. All in our Cherry Blossom collection




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