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We have two important festivals in March and April - Doll's Festival and Cherry Blossoms (Sakura).

On March 3, we have Doll's Festival. Doll’s Festival is called "Hinamatsuri" and it is an occasion to pray for young girls’ growth and happiness. 

Most families with girls display dolls for the Doll’s Festival called Hina-ningyo.
Today, we eat traditional dishes like Scattered sushi(chirashi-sushi), clam soup, sweet white sake(shirozake), rise cake cubes hina arare) and diamond-shaped rice cakes(hishimochi) for the Doll’s Festival.

After the Doll's festival, we will have the Cherry Blossom season. This is one of the most exciting period for most of Japanese. We have the picnic under the cherry blossoms, with various of seasonal dishes! Join our party!

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